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Windows Tinting FAQ

Q: How does window film stick on to the glass?

A: A clear adhesive is applied to the film during manufacture this is covered by a protective backing sheet. The only chemical used in the installation is a mild detergent.

Q: How do we tint car windows?

A: Your car will be stripped of all trims that are in the way and any windows within rubber seals would be removed. This is done to ensure that the tint is across the entire surface of the glass. Patterns are then individually made to size and shape on your car windows. The windows are meticulously cleaned and prepared for application. The liner backing is then removed and the film is carefully placed and applied via use of a soft rubber sponge. When all visible water is out from underneath the film, it is then checked for any imperfections. Once finished, your car windows look like a factory tinted window – with no dust, dirt, hairs, creases or gaps.

Q: Will I get any warranty on my window film and installation?

A: All our high performance metalized car window films are supplied with a written lifetime warranty, backed by the manufacturers, covering material and labour which remains good to the original purchaser.
Our polyester dyed auto window films are offered with a 3 year warranty, also backed by the manufacturers.

Q: How do you clean it?

A: The silicon hardcoat finish reduces the need for cleaning and risk of scratching. Cleaning window film is in fact easier than cleaning glass, as the surface is much smoother. We recommend cleaning with a clean soft cloth, or clean paper towel for the best results. Any domestic window spray i.e. (Mr. Muscle, windowlene fast glass) is fine. No cream abrasive or commercial cleaners containing the likes of ammonia should be used.

Q: Will our film installations bubble & peel?

A: No. The only time that you may see defects in professional tints is if it has taken a hard knock, which of course would also damage the glass on its own, or if the film has been cleaned incorrectly with something abrasive like ammonia.

The worst case of bubbling and peeling are seen on bad tint jobs, such as DIY’s or mobile tint companies.

Q: Will film being installed on my back window affect my heated rear screen?

A: The film will not interfere with your heated rear screen. It will merely assist in heating a larger area of your screen, and your heated rear elements will not interfere with the film. To allow for the film to dry evenly we recommend that a heated screen is not used for seven days after the window is tinted – thereafter it can be used as per the norm.

Q: How long would the film last?

A: All of our metalized car window films are supplied with a written lifetime warranty, good to the original purchaser. This type of film, in a mild British environment, should last forever. It is said that in extremely hot climates it should still last for 15-20 years.

Polyester dyed films are warranted for 3 years, and we should expect the quality types we use that have UV inhibitors within the adhesives, should last 7-10 years in a British climate. The only drawback to dyed films is that they will discolour in time in the sun and UV rays. This is delayed by the fact that our films have UV inhibitors within the adhesives.

Q: What is the visibility like from the inside out?

A: This depends on the film chosen. Most safety films are absolutely clear but still provide a 98% plus Ultra Violet filter. The Solar control films may affect light levels but as your eyes automatically adjust to different light levels, the degree is generally only 5 – 10%. The term for the eyes adjusting is visual acuity and the actual percentage is noted on each sample. Metalized films are made up of neutral tones, therefore when you look through these films you get true colour perception (if you are looking at a white background it remains white). Colours are slightly distorted when looking through dyed films.

There are however benefits with regard to film and visibility, as it will reduce glare such as the sun getting in your eyes and dazzle from headlights at night, therefore reducing eye strain and making driving more comfortable and safe.

Q: How long would it be before I can use my windows as normal?

A: Your up and down windows will require 3 days (manufactures suggestion) to cure before winding them up & down. We recommend not cleaning your treated windows for up to 7 days. Do not apply suckers for at least 7 days. It is advised that you do not apply window stickers at all as this may cause damage upon the need of removal.

Q: How long before my film is completely cured, dry and at its greatest strength?

A: The manufacturers advise a full 31 days of drying time before you should not expect to see any small amounts of water under the film, and for the film to be at its full strength, adding a varying amount of security to your car windows dependant on the spec of film you use. All film is porous so in time it will dry from the inside out.

Q: Can we retint a window with damaged film?

A: Film can be removed from your car without causing any damage, we would however recommend that you have this done professionally to avoid any associated costly damage. Any professional tint shop would have the correct tools and chemicals to remove such stubborn adhesives. Retinting your car is then obviously the same as starting afresh, the only thing to bear in mind is that metalized film will not fade and discolour in time like dyed film, so you will get a better match on smashed and retinted windows by using the superior metalized film in the beginning

Q: Do we need to remove any windows or door trims?

A We will only remove door trims and windows when necessary. Any windows held in by rubber seals need to be removed to tint right to the edge of the glass, this method also adds security. Door cards are removed if they are too tight to tuck without creasing the film and increasing the risk of dirt infection.

Q: Will we install film that has been purchased from an auto accessory retailer?

A: When we make our customer aware we purchase our film in bulk, therefore buying at a more competitive price. The film that they have purchased is more likely to be the inferior single ply, and not the 2 ply polyester dyed type that we install. The 2 ply type has scratch resisting coatings and UV inhibitors within the adhesive thus reducing fading and prolonging life expectancy. Only professionally installed films will be covered by a manufacturer warranty.

Q: Do you provide a mobile service?

A: When tinting car windows you need the correct environment. We will only complete installations at our fully equipped, clinically clean workshop facility to ensure the best quality finish. When you make a reservation with us, your installation will be completed on the date specified, with no complications such as unpredictable weather conditions. We have seen, stripped and retinted lots of mobile window tint attempts, due to dirt infections and creases caused by a light breeze which has taken and damaged the film. You could also expect to have light gaps due to the fact there was not the facility to strip the necessary parts of the car, or worse they have modified your rubber seals and up and down window seals to take unprofessional shortcuts.

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